Why You Need Dance Shoe Heel Protector (Heel Capes)

dance shoes protector to protect your dance shoes

You may see some people buy heel protector, or heel protectors when they buy dance shoes.  Why need dance heel protectors? What are those protectors for? 

Heel protectors perform three important tasks: 

  1. they protect the floor, 
  2. grant you more traction, 
  3. and most importantly, they protect your heels. 

Most ladies' dance shoes come with "slim" heels that are between two and three inches in height. This means that the base of the heel is fairly small. In ballroom dancing there are often instances where you'll be putting all your weight in your heels. If you do a few quick calculations you'll find that you could be exerting pressures of a few hundred pounds per square inch on the ends of your heel. If your heels are not properly protected this will cause problems.

The most compelling reason for using heel covers is to protect your dance shoes. Most dance shoes cost quite a lot. The little heel tip on the heel is the first thing that will wear out, and replacing it will cost about $5 or more, and may require ordering the replacements, another source of frustration. These heel tips wear away quickly when they aren't protected; just one dance can wear them down to the nail that is keeping them attached to the shoe. The heel protectors are much cheaper and more convenient than constantly replacing the plastic heel tips.

Notice that, heel protectors are different. Different kind of shoes heels, you need buy different protect. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions. 

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