Comfort and other Criteria for Choosing the Best Dance Shoe


Given how inexpensive our dance shoes are, it would be understandable if you were to question their quality.  However, you can be confident that all of our dance shoes are finished to an excellent standard.  We have many customers who would agree. 

Below are the considerations we ensure for every pair of Henry G Dance shoes: 


Comfortable inner sole of dance shoes 


Your Dance Shoes Need to be Comfortable

Your precious feet take a pounding when you dance, so it’s essential you spoil them with as comfortable dance shoes as you can.  All Henry G Dance shoes have cushioned inner soles that are made from material that absorbs sweat and will keep your feet from slipping around.  Our shoes are finished with high quality materials to an exceptionally high standard with no irritating ‘lose ends’.  All of our men’s dance shoes are genuine leather.


Women's Dance Shoes need Sturdy Strong Heals 


Women’s Dance Shoes need Strong, Sturdy Heels

In Henry G Dance shoes you can twist, turn and slide confidently knowing that your heel is robust and will not break even under extensive stress or wear and tear.  Breaking a heel is not only embarrassing, but can also be dangerous.  We’ve seen many dancers with poorer quality heels dancing tentatively fearing they may damage a heel.


Suede Soles on Dance Shoes give the best performance 


Quality Suede Soles for the Best Performance

Our range of dance shoes all have high-quality suede soles that give you the perfect amount of traction on the dance floor.  Too much traction makes it tricky to slide your feet effortlessly around the dance floor and especially difficult to turn.  Too little traction will see you slipping everywhere which is the last thing you need when trying to look graceful, sexy or coordinated on the dance floor.


Light Flexible Dance Shoes 


Light, Petite and Flexible Dance Shoes       

It is hard to look and feel great dancing with bricks on your feet.  Our dance shoes are designed and made which materials to ensure they give you unrestricted freedom on the dance floor while remaining sturdy.


dance shoe stitching 


Individually Hand Made

Everyone’s seen those mass produced shoes that somehow skipped the quality control step.  You can rest assured that all of our shoes are individually crafted by skilled tailors, then checked, and checked again before you receive them. Just one look at the stitching should illustrate the quality of our finish.


We’re sure you’ll love your Henry G Dance Shoes.  In fact we’re so confident, we offer Lifetime Returns on everything we sell.

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