HenryG dance celebrates Father’s Day

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Happy Father's Day of year 2013, HenryG Father's day special.
Happy Father’s Day to all Dads! It’s as special as you are to your family…

HenryG dance, the celebrated supplier of dance accessories celebrates Father’s Day 2013 in a very special way. In a recent press release, the company pays a tribute to U.S and international fathers by announcing a 25% off on all men’s dance shoes (coupon code: FTHD25OFF) valid for the entire month of June.

HenryG dance offers this 25% off on men’s dance shoes and all belly dance accessories valid for a purchase of $10 and higher. The company celebrates this June by these two breathtaking offers. Validity stays from 1st to 30th June, 2013.

HenryG made another alluring product release this very June, releasing some 19 Signature Dance Products with a lot more upcoming. Any men’s dance products (on offer) or belly dance accessories (also on offer) or the newly arrived signature products along with all existing products can be viewed and custom ordered from site: or emailed for further information at: . Apart from the ones at offer, any accessory takes about 20 days for processing (shipment charge included). HenryG offers a lifetime return exchange policy for its valued customers (

So, why wait and let go of this amazing offer. Let’s celebrate FATHER’S DAY spectacularly this year with HenryG dance, its offers and new-arrivals. This can be a good chance for all mothers to celebrate this special day along with their loving child(ren); goes especial for all dance enthusiasts. 

Best wishes once again to all Fathers. Celebrate Fatherhood. Explore your dancing potential with the best dance products.



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