About Us

All of us at HenryG® Dance are, first and foremost, dance lovers.  We carry the latest dance shoes and accessories for ballroom, ballet, zumba, flamenco, jazz, cha cha, Latin dance, modern dance, salsa, mambo, quick step and waltz.  Our operations office is based in China to keep our costs low, which we then pass onto you.  Being in China also allows us to handpick master tailors and work closely with them to ensure consistently high quality and fashionable dance products.

We are inspired by the principles of the legendary dancer, HenryG®. He never compromised his dedication and devotion to dance, and we apply the same ethos to our company.  We are committed to offering only top of the line dance gear at affordable costs with the aim of supporting established and aspiring dancers and hopefully, the next generation of HenryG®’s.

All of our shoes are lightweight, with professional outer suede soles, to provide the perfect grip and poise needed for a dance shoe. The soft inner soles provide arch support, comfort and flexibility.  We have dance shoes and dancewear suitable for all dancers, from New York City professional dancers to Spanish preschoolers.

Our Service Promise
We’re committed to providing you high quality dance shoes, clothing and accessories as swiftly as possible so you can slip into them and get dancing! For each order, we double check every item before it is sent to you to ensure it is meets our quality benchmark.

We’re sure that you will love your HenryG® Dance products, however if you are not completely satisfied with any product within 30 days of receiving it, we will provide a full refund anywhere in the world, no questions asked.

We are continually improving our products and service in hope of making them as close to perfect as we can.  We would be grateful to hear your experiences and feedback, good or bad, by contacting us.

Playing Our Part
HenryG® Dance has the following ethical and carbon neutrality policies:

- Our products are all made by fair and reputable tailors
- Our tailors all comply with international health and safety regulations
- We only use environmentally-friendly packaging materials
- We donate to carbon neutral charities to offset any work produced by our companies
- No exotic/endangered animals, genuine fur or rare materials are used in our products.

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